How to choose the best taxi service in Jaisalmer for sightseeing?

Jaisalmer is a city in western India known as the “Golden City”. It is renowned for the building made of golden-yellow sandstone. Jaisalmer is also well known for its desert safaris in the Thar

Jaisalmer is a city in western India known as the “Golden City”. It is renowned for the building ma

Desert’s extensive sand dunes. This city has amazing attractions in every neighbourhood, which makes us want to explore it more and more.Apart from the buildings erected by local kings, Havelis and bungalows were created since Jaisalmer was a major commercial hub in earlier times. However, only a few people are aware that Jaisalmer is also one of Rajasthan’s most popular sites for filming. Do you ever wonder why Jaisalmer has so many windmills? Well, it’s one of Rajasthan’s biggest wind farms. Jaisalmer is renowned for its illustrious past, culture, heritage, natural beauty, folk music, and dance.

Best Places to Visit in Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer

  • Fort Jaisalmer, earlier known as Sonar Qila

The second-oldest fort in Rajasthan is the Jaisalmer Fort, which was constructed in 1156. Popular names for it include “Sonar Qila” and “Golden Fort.” The fort is situated on the southern outskirts of the city. Among the very few “living forts” in the world, Sonar Qila was originally known as “Trikut Garh” due to its triangle shape and the fact that it was constructed over the Trikuta Hills. This building is perched on a hilltop at a height of about 250 meters and 250 feet. The magnificent Jain temples, Merchant Havelis, Raj Mahal, Laxminath Shrine, and the gateways are just a few of the impressive landmarks found on its grounds. November to March is the ideal season to travel to Jaisalmer.

  • Lake Gadisar Jaisalmer

On the outskirts of Jaisalmer is where you’ll find Gadisar Lake. It is a sizable man-made reservoir that Maharawal Gadsi Singh constructed in the fourteenth century to save water and collect precipitation. Up until 1965, it was the town’s only source of water supply. Astonishing carvings in yellow sandstone may be seen near the entryway. Due to the diverse kinds of migratory birds from the nearby Bharatpur bird sanctuary, it is the perfect location for birdwatchers, especially during the winter.

  • War Museum of Jaisalmer

Another Jaisalmer sightseeing spot is the War Museum. In the Jaisalmer military base itself, the Jaisalmer War Museum was founded. Another name for it is the “Longewala War Museum”. It is a historical war museum that the Indian army established to highlight their sacrifices and experiences throughout the battle.The Indo-Pak War of 1965 and the Battle of Longewala in 1971 have left their mark on history, and the Jaisalmer War Museum honours them all. The memorial also features an audio-visual theatre where the Longewala combat movie is shown.

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