15 awesome Facts about Jaipur that you didn’t know

Jaipur, a city of Rajputs and the location of two significant UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is both historically and aesthetically intriguing. It is one of the few locations where one can go deeply into the layers of time and discover the full scope of the nation’s history.

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Here are some of Jaipur’s most fascinating 15 facts that you didn’t know:

  1. The most expensive hotel suites in the world are in Jaipur: Some of the most renowned hotel suites in the world are located in Jaipur from anywhere else in the world! There is a very expensive presidential suite at the Raj Palace Hotel.
  1. Houses The Magnificent Jantar Mantar: One of Jaipur’s two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, along with the Amer Fort, is Jantar Mantar. Consequently, it has grown in popularity across the globe.
  1. Jaipur’s Hawa Mahal is a famous landmark: The Hawa Mahal is among Jaipur’s most well-known sights. It is also among the most stunning structures in the entire globe. The 953 tiny windows on the five-story structure allow breezes to enter and keep the interior cool.
  1. The world’s largest literary festival is held in Jaipur: With tens of thousands of attendees, the Jaipur Literature Festival is the biggest free literary event in the world. It takes place every January and draws authors, poets, literary heavyweights, and artists from all over the world, in addition to book lovers and interested tourists.
  1. A component of the Golden Triangle is Jaipur: Along with Delhi and Agra, Jaipur forms the renowned Golden Triangle of India. The Golden Triangle is a popular tourist route that offers travelers a wide variety of the nation’s various sceneries.
  1. Jaipur is named as Pink City: Jaipur was given a pink paint job by Sawai Ram Singh. The color pink symbolizes hospitality. In order to greet Edward, Prince of Wales, and Queen Victoria, who were in Jaipur, warmly, he did this. Jaipur is known as the “Pink City” for a second reason, namely the usage of pink terracotta stone in the majority of the city’s structures and monuments.
  1. A city with walls is Jaipur: The city of Jaipur was surrounded by a wall that was about 6 meters high and 3 meters wide, with 8 gates in each of the four directions. Ajmeri Gate, Chandpole Gate, Ghat Gate, Samrat Gate, Surajpole Gate, Sanganeri Gate, New Gate, and Jorawar Singh Gate are the gates. The locals think that these gates guard Jaipur against invaders and natural disasters.
  1. One of India’s first planned towns is Jaipur: Given that it was finished in 1730, Jaipur is thought to be the country’s first planned city. You will undoubtedly be amazed to learn that Jaipur is the only city that has been planned in accordance with the Vastu Shastra and the Shilpa Shastra.
  1. Jaipur has a monkey Temple: Located 10km from Jaipur , this temple is built in a hilly region and has a very peaceful and relaxing spot.
  1. The largest circular park in Asia was built on a traffic circle: According to locals, Jawahar Circle is the largest circular park in Asia that was built on a highway traffic circle. Other attractive features are being added to it, too, such as melodic fountains, contemporary play equipment, and jogging pathways.
  1. The Most Haunted Fort is Bhangarh: Raja Bhagwant of Amber built the fort in the sixteenth century. A Tantrik who allegedly made an attempt to capture the stunning princess Ratnavati is thought to have cursed the entire village of Bhangarh. Since Bhangarh is closed between dusk and dawn, visitors can only experience the excitement of this location during the day.
  1. Amer Fort became the stunning structure it is now as it took 100 years: Raja Man Singh I’s inspiration for this epochal wonder of Jaipur dates back to 1592. Raja Jai Singh I continued to polish the Fort until it had reached the pinnacle of grace, adding to its beauty.
  1. Jaipur has the oldest museum: One of the nation’s oldest museums is the Central Museum. The largest salt lake in India, Jaipur, lies close to Sambhar.
  1. Jaipur is the best choice for shopping: Jaipur is renowned for its fine jewels and delicate handicrafts.
  1. Jaipur has a real Egyptian mummy: Placed in the Albert Hall Museum of Jaipur, there is a real mummy of a girl called Tutu.

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